Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of A Love, and A Story

Lets travel through time..........backwards !!

Pain of love is always felt in heart of someone who had loved someone but didn't get the same in return.Finally ,he consoles himself by thinking that maybe she was not the right gal for him or may be this whole idea of loving someone is rubbish as their is only pain involved and nobody likes to bear pain in this contemporary world.

It might have been the same case with Anupam who had loved Swati from the bottom of his heart but was taken aback when he felt Swati was avoiding him.He really wasn't getting the things because he was immature as expected from a 10th standard guy.

Anupam and Swati were fellows since their 6th standard and good friends too.Their friendship nourished till the 9th when their sections were separated.He felt a loneliness in his life and found out that it was due to the separation of Swati and rest was done by the influence of bollywood and he felt that he was in love.

They were again in the same section in 10th standard and here Anupam did the mistake by staring at swati continously.This helped swati create a bad image of Anupam and avoided him all time.He was really surprised by her attitude but this was so obvious.He had dug a graveyard for himself.

5 years later...........

Anupam still ponders over the situation with him and realises that what was his mistake but it's too late now ....................BuT sTiLl He HaS a ChAnCe........!!